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SIZABANTU PIPING SYSTEMS Pty Ltd with their Joint Venture partner,  Molecor Canalizaciones from Spain, has embarked on an epic journey to bring the latest in first world Plastic Piping technology to the African Continent.

Construction on the state of art manufacturing facility, was started in Richards Bay in June  last year. This factory is the first of its class in Africa and will focus on manufacturing Bi -Axle Orientated PVC pipe, better known as PVC-O. Sizabantu Piping Systems with the support from Molecor  Spain, have successfully introduced the rapidly accepted TOM Class 500 PVC-O pipe to the Southern African Water Industry.

This new tried and tested product has gained its acceptance as a preferred alternative, to the traditional metallic pipe products, for bulk water projects. The sizes range from 110mm to 800mm in diameter, with a 1000mm diameter being introduced by the end of 2016. PVC-O offers the Consulting Engineer and Water Authorities substantial savings in the installation process, low maintenance and running cost of Bulk water projects. The pressure range available is up to 25 bar working pressure, which makes it suitable for most Bulk Water Projects.

With the construction of the factory now being completed, products will be manufactured locally in the Richard Bay Industrial Development Zone. Where the factory is contributing positively to employment creation, helping improve the country’s economy and reducing the need to import product required for the much needed water infrastructure development in the country. The factory incorporates the latest technology in plastic pipe. We are manufacturing uPVC, mPVC and OPVC pipe for the Civils, Agricultural, Mining and Industrial market sectors, throughout Southern Africa.




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“I started working for Main Industries in 1992 in accounts. Two years later I moved to the JHB sales branch responsible for the admin. In May of 1995 I got the responsibility for the accounts and costing for the Rosslyn PVC factory. Just the next year I was responsible for the accounts for the trading division. This I did for 2 and a half years. I then moved in 1998 to the Rosslyn PVC factory investigating material losses, putting systems in place, costing and accounts. Just over a year later my responsibility also included all the other factories. In 2006 I started running the PVC factory responsible for all aspects related to manufacturing, maintenance, quality and assets.
In 2012 I started with Marley as the production manager in the extrusion department. Late in 2013 I was given the responsibility for the running of both the extrusion and moulding operations at Marley in Nigel. I also had to plan and co-ordinate the breakdown of the Petzetakis PVC factory in Rosslyn during this time. I Jan 2014 i was moved from Nigel to Rosslyn to commission and run the HDPE factory in Rosslyn.”
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