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Women in Water Mentorship Project


  1. What the Project is about?

The Women in Water Mentorship Project is an initiative of The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), who appointed The Water Research Commission (WRC) to implement the program which is part of the Women Empowerment Program.

The main objective is to identify and address the key gaps between the current and expected future scenario for the participation of women owned businesses in the water sector. The program aims to ensure that previously marginalized, vulnerable groups like women and youth; and people with disability, are empowered in order to take up opportunities of stimulating innovation within the water sector. DWS acknowledges that it must support the best women professionals and women-owned businesses to be effective and efficient in delivering proper water and sanitation services to the public.

  1. How the participants were selected?

The participants are the main beneficiaries of the project and major efforts were given to identify and select suitable positioned and motivated individuals to participate in the programme. It was vital that the participants for the first pilot project be carefully selected to assure the success of the project. The following selection criteria and process was followed;

Selection criteria:

The non-negotiable over-riding criteria that determined the design of the selection criteria consisted of complying with being a women owned business participating in the water and sanitation sector in the following fields: Construction, Research and Development, Engineering and Community Based Initiatives, women professionals employed in the water and sanitation sector, Geographical spread (National representation including the rural areas) and Demographically compliant (Women, Youth (legal age 18 – 35) and people with disability).


  1. What the participants are hoping to achieve out of the project?

In addition, The Women in Water Mentorship Project will provide the participant with full support in the following areas:

  • Skills development and enhancement
  • Assistance and guidance in personal growth and advancement
  • Training courses to be provided where necessary and required, i.e. Fiancial Management
  • Workshops and Events attendance for networking, marketing and branding purposes
  • Assistance and guidance on career and business growth
  • Experiential Learning, for pratical exposure the required technical skills


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